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HR Career

Take your HR Career to the next level

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Develop real-world practical skills and finish a Capstone Project

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Learn in Online or Classroom sessions as per your convenience

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Live sessions by experts on industry topics

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Avail Post-certification support for 1 year for job search and on-the-job

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Course Description

The CHRMP – Advanced certification program goes beyond the execution level of human resource management and addresses subjects and application methodologies at a decision making and strategy building level. This course is strategically designed for HR professionals with experience who are looking to fast track their career in the HR domain.

This globally recognized, award winning course is formulated keeping in mind the industry demand to constantly upgrade skills, establish best practices and build valuable networks in the industry. This intensive certification program validates the competencies of professionals thus allowing them to showcase their commitment to their careers.

HR leaders
For current and future HR leaders
CHRMP-Advanced (HRBP) certification helps the experienced HR professional build on their skills, clarify complex issues arising out of practical work experiences and understand the various dynamics that affect critical HR decisions and strategies. A CHRMP-Advanced certified professional has a deep and insightful understanding of HR processes and systems, not only understands HR processes but also becomes capable of designing HR Architecture.
Globally Recognised
Globally Recognised, Locally Relevant
Through in-depth and application focussed training and testing at global standards, CHRMP – Advanced gives the candidate an all-rounded perspective of HR functions.This gives them a competitive edge helping them stay ahead of peers internationally.
Instructional design
Competency-based learning design
CHRMP –Advanced is designed using the principles of adult learning, Instructional design and experiential learning techniques. The course material is cutting-edge, future oriented and loaded with projects and activities. Focusing on individual learning styles, CHRMP-AC has a custom built training methodology in order to build competency based understanding of HRM.
job search support
Post-certification on-the-job / job search support
Graduates enjoy post-training support of one year. During this period, learners have unlimited access to online as well as offline courses. CHRMP consultants and industry experts are also available for advise to help credential holders implement on the job projects. Graduates can also tap into the supportive global alumni community of CHRMP for networking and creating opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

CHRMP-Advanced is an comprehensive program that is based on the premise that candidates have an execution level understanding of HR. Therefore work experience is a prerequisite. The CHRMP – Advanced certification program is recommended for HR professionals.

Education Work experienced Experience in HR domain Aspiration
Graduate 3 – 20 years 3 years Fast track career in HR Prepare for a senior role Increase remuneration capability
Post graduate 2 – 10 years 2 years
CHRMP – Foundation 2 – 10 years 2 years


Introduction to competency-based HRM
Understanding competencies
Competency-based HRM vs traditional HRM
Competency mapping
Writing competency indicators
Understanding Competency Framework
Understanding competency matrix
Competency Assessments
Introduction to the job interview
Types of interview questions
The behavioural event interview
Structure of a behavioural event interview
Finding the STAR
Strategies for conducting an effective BEI
Organisational Planning
Human Resource Planning
Staffing – workforce planning
Case study – manpower planning
Recruitment – concepts and strategies
Trends in recruitment
Selection process
Selection test design
  • Checklist Method
  • Graphic Rating Scale Method
Introduction to performance management
Importance of performance management processes
Objectives and uses of performance management
Performance Appraisal process
Traditional methods of performance appraisal
  • Graphic Rating Scale method
  • Critical Incident Method
  • Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales
Management By Objectives
360-degree appraisal
Assessment centres
Balanced Scorecard
Ongoing coaching and feedback
Errors in performance appraisal
Introduction to C&B planning
Designing compensation plans
Factors affecting C&B planning
Internal equity, External equity , Individual equity
Salary slabs, Pay Parity, Median
Flexible structures, Survey studies
Salary trends, Emerging trends
Optimisation of compensation
Reduction of compensation turnover - case study
Strategies for reducing compensation turnover
Point plan method
Introduction to job analysis
Methods of job analysis
Stakeholders in Job analysis
Sources of data
Job data segregation
Job descriptions and job specifications
Creation of job descriptions and job specifications
Introduction to employee engagement
Need for employee engagement
Factors affecting employee engagement
Meeting human needs through employee engagement
Understanding and measuring absenteeism
Understanding and measuring attrition
Employee engagement surveys
Employee engagement and other functions in HR
Introduction to HR Policies
Vision and Value Alignment in HR policies
Policy Classification
Understanding policies and procedures
Creation of HR Policies
Structure of HR policies
Most used HR Policies
Case Discussion
Introduction to some HR agreements / contracts
Offer letter
Appointment letter
Terms of employment, Bonds
Contracts and service agreements
Background verification
Joining formalities
Leave Management
Introduction to Learning & Development
DNA of training – KSA
Four levels of Skills Development
Types of learning programs
Approaches to training
ADDIE Model (An introduction to the phases
  • Methods
  • Triangulation
  • Report
  • Learning Models
  • Kolb’s Experiential learning cycle
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Designing Training plans
Evaluation (Criteria of evaluation, Methods and Kirkpatrick’s Model)

Exam & Certification

CHRMP is validated with the best-in-the world-testing standards, delivered in partnership with Pearson VUE. The CHRMP Foundation Exam is made up of 60 multiple-choice questions to be answered at a Pearson Vue center 95 minutes.

Chrmp Exam

The certification exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions to be answered in 95 minutes. The questions are a mix of conceptual and practical case study type. One can take the exam at any designated Pearson Vue Center or web proctored in the comfort of one’s own home.

chrmp Certification

Upon passing in the examination successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate and a Digital Badge through Accredible - verified and secured with Blockchain technology (see sample)

Alumni Testimonials

Flexible Learning Options

Distance and location are not a constraint for you to earn your CHRMP credentials. Learn from the convenince of your home and take the certification exam in your city or attend sessions in some of our select training locations for classroom training and certification exam. Travel and Stay assistance is available for out-of-station candidates.

Fee & Plan
  • Self-paced
  • Classroom
Self-Pace Learning

Self-Paced Learning

  • High quality 4k video sessions
  • Recorded sessions of 9 modules with more than 12 hours playtime
  • Presentations, Quiz and Assignment to Reinforce Learning
  • Certification Exam can be taken at Pearson VUE Center

Self-Paced Platform Walkthrough

Watch this video to get an overview of what the self-paced learning environment looks like. This is what you will see once you have enrolled in the self-paced programme.

Classroom Learning


  • Weekday and weekend sessions available
  • Select Locations available in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and U.S
  • Presentations, Quiz and Assignment to Reinforce Learning
  • Certification Exam can be taken at Pearson VUE Center

Classroom Training Update

In view of the pandemic, our classroom sessions all over the world have been replaced by online virtual sessions using the familiar zoom platform.

To learn more, reach out to us at