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25 Free HR Email Templates 

Composing the perfect email is often a time consuming process in regular and sensitive situations that HR professionals handle often. We have taken the thinking out of this process. Here are pre-written mails every HR person has to write, which you can just copy and past from. 

25 Proven HR Email Templates That Work

From making first contact with a candidate for a job to informing employees about the exit of a colleague, HR professionals must interact frequently with others via email.

However, writing emails can consume enormous amounts of precious time that could otherwise be used for more productive purposes. It can be worse when there’s a sensitive situation to manage, and it’s the HR department that invariably has to handle these. Using email templates can be of great help in saving a great deal of ‘thinking time’.

After much research and discussion with those working in the field of HR, we have created 25 email templates and taken the thinking out of the email writing process. Here is a treasure trove of pre-written emails that everyone in HR must write, which you can just copy, paste and tweak as required.

And if you prefer to personalise or write your own email from scratch, we have provided guidelines to point you in the right direction.

Let your employees know that you sincerely care for them by getting every email you send them just right. We hope that you find these useful!

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